A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

From the beginning, part 1…

on November 20, 2011

Time to get some information out of my head!  Why a blog you ask?  Good question!  I guess I see this as my opportunity to share information about our battles with Kaden.  And if I can create a little more understanding and/or help someone with their battle then it is so worth it!

This blog will mainly be about my son Kaden.  Kaden has Oro Motor Dyspraxia (Apraxia of Speech /Verbal dyspraxia).  Kaden is now just over 5 ½ yrs old.

Ok so starting from the beginning….

Kaden was born in January 2006, emergency c-section because he was undiagnosed breech.  He was bottle feed from day 7… Why is that valid information, well I never got any milk in and the thought now is, he most likely couldn’t suck correctly/hard enough to bring my milk in… First sign there was something wrong, without us even realising.

He was a good baby, loved routine and settled easily if not left to get over tired.  As a toddler he was slow to hit his milestones but did eventually get there.  And with the support of doctors and Plunket, reminding us that he was “just a boy, boy’s are always slower”, we figured he would get there.  By the time he was 22 months old he had a small hand full of words, dad, mum, no… then he got the rotavirus.  A severe gastro bug that had him vomiting for days and then diarrhoea for another week.  It was the sickest we have ever seen him and by the end of it, he had no words.

Just after his 2nd birthday we realised words were not coming back as fast as they should so we visited a private paediatrician for more help.  She thought there might be a delay so referred us to Special Education (Ministry of Education) http://www.minedu.govt.nz/NZEducation/EducationPolicies/SpecialEducation/AboutSpecialEducation/WhatWeDo/SpecialEducationServices.aspx for a speech assessment.  We seen them not long after for a “quick” assessment (15 minutes max) and in that the SLT confirmed there was a delay.  He was then put on the wait list for a Speech Language Therapist to work with him.  We were told the wait would be up to 12 months…


2 responses to “From the beginning, part 1…

  1. Asknetty says:

    Can’t wait for the rest!! 🙂

  2. ninaarch says:

    Awesome blog, wow what a few years when you read it.

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