A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

From the beginning, part 3….

on November 20, 2011

Kaden was also seeing an Occupational therapist from around his 3rd birthday, this was again through the public system at Beacon House http://www.cdhb.govt.nz/cwh/burwood/beacon_house/beacon_house.htm .  She was wonderful, worked on all sorts of things, gross and fine motor skills.  And was happy to help with anything we asked.  We worked for a long time on Kaden learning to ride a bike, finally (with trainer wheels) he started just before his 5th birthday.  We continued seeing this OT until Kaden entered school.

Going back quickly to when he was 4yrs, we finally got a referral to a Child Neurologist (Private system) http://www.childhealth.co.nz thanks to the OT.  Finally an official diagnoses… Severe Oro Motor Dyspraxia.  The Neurologist was fantastic and had some wonderful advise….

1                     Don’t turn my back on the public system, I would need them when he started school.

2                     Don’t over therapy him or he will rebel against it.

3                     The best thing we have done is give him a baby sister.

The Neurologist also referred us to the child physiologist team at Whakatata House (Public system) as Kaden was having problems with separation anxiety.  I attended a course for parents with children who suffer from anxiety.  The beginning of the course was great, they explained how the brain works and how anxiety is something that is very difficult to control, especially in anxious children.  Then they went on to say we needed to basically force our children into doing the things that made them feel anxious otherwise they would never have a fulfilled life?  I couldn’t’ understand how that could or would work?  I finished the course feeling more confused than I did at the beginning.

At that stage we then went back to the public system and got involved with Early Intervention through Special Education.

We continued with private speech therapy at Seabrook and was allocated an Early Intervention Teacher.  I am not completely sure what her role was suppose to be?  She assessed Kaden at Playcentre and then encouraged us to look at kindergartens.  I visited a couple which just made my decision about saying at playcentre more firm!


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