A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

From the beginning, part 5…

on November 20, 2011

Kaden started school in February 2011, he had a teacher aide that he loved (an ex playcentre Dad) and a great team of teachers that were all very happy to be working with Kaden.  Then on 22nd February we took another huge step backwards as a whole family with the Christchurch Earthquake.  Thankfully all our family, friends and our home was ok.

When Kaden returned to school we had yet another transision period but thankfully he settled back very quickly.  We were allocated a SLT as part of our ORS funding but as the funding only covered a fortnightly visit we were struggling with the lack of progress with his speech.  He hadn’t actually had any real speech therapy since he was 4 ½ yrs and now he was at school the lack of progress was starting to really concern us.  My husband then got on the Internet and spent hours investigating different therapies used around the world.  That’s how he found Max’s House http://www.maxshouse.com.au .

We rung and talked to their head speech pathologist about the possibility of taking Kaden over for therapy.  He was actually really interested in what I had to say and really interested in Kaden.  He asked lots of questions and even spent time looking on the internet and finding who I would approach to see if I could find a trained therapist in NZ.  I then spent a week contacting every therapist listed on the NZSLT (New Zealand Speech Language Therapy) website and none followed the above therapises.

Decision made, we were taking Kaden to Max’s House.


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