A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

From the beginning, part 7…

on November 20, 2011

NV… something else that we have tried is Nurtiiveda – http://www.pursuitofresearch.org/. During our usual online researching we just came across it via a facebook page on Apraxia.  It is a meal replacement full of essential nutrients.  There seemed to be huge success for children with Apraxia so we figured why not!  It is expensive and we had to order it from USA.  Kaden started it at the beginning of September.  Now from what we have read you start slowly and work their dose up each day expecting surges within the first week.

This is my facebook post on (CHERAB Foundation Page) – Day 10 on NV… Kaden has at least 5 new words, seems more focused and is no longer hitting his sister but instead signing “I request you not to” or calling a meeting on her (which is something they teach at school). That is something we have been working on for ages, but it has always been easier for him to just hit her when she is doing something to annoy him. He is just happier… seems so strange and if I am honest I have been very much a “non believer”, I mean really how can just a “vitamin” help?!?!? My husband really believed it would work and I have just been watching and waiting… turns out I’m wrong!

So we were very excited at this stage and continued Kaden on 2 scoops a day.  It was an absolute mission to get him to have it.  We tried all sorts of ways, with ice cream, smoothees, yogurt, milk drinks, icing…. The list goes on!  We continued to see great progress, mainly with Kaden’s confidence.  He got up at his school concert recently and played his recorder!


Who would have thought he had an anxiety disorder!

Unfortunately since returning from our last therapy trip to Max’s House, Kaden has refused to have it.  I am not interested in forcing or bribing him into taking something that may or may not continue to help him.  I have explained to him that we want him to have it because we hope it will help him talk more but he really hates it.  So we have agreed to give him a break.  Thankfully we haven’t had any regression on the milestones he gain while taking NV.  I am not sure if we will put him back on it or not, it is his decision really so we will just wait and see.

Ok, so that brings you pretty much up to date to now…


One response to “From the beginning, part 7…

  1. Bec Roper-Gee says:

    Good on you writing this all down! Kaden definitely came to the right parents, you guys are amazing 🙂

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