A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

Brain drain…

on December 12, 2011

I had an interview last week to review our LifeLinks funding.


LifeLinks support families with a disabled person/child and we are able to get funding for carer support hours, i.e. babysitting money so I can have a break.

While having the review I was explaining a “day with Kaden”, including the little things like him calling out to me every few minutes throughout the day, just to make sure I am still there.  Or asking Umm about just about everything and me having to interpret what he is trying to ask/say.  I explained it by saying, it is just like playing charades with a 5yr old, all day and that I have to be one step a head of him all the time otherwise I won’t be able to understand what he wants to say.

The Needs Assessor said to me, sounds like you have “Brain drain”….  Wow, that explains it perfectly!

Most people would think having a child that doesn’t talk wouldn’t be that big of deal.  Just like having a toddler that is learning to talk, I guess.  Although at 5yrs old, Kaden has more mature thoughts and feelings than a toddler and is expected to be understood as much as anyone else.  It is Brain drain, I spend all my time with him “guessing” what he wants and praying that I am right, just so I don’t hurt his feelings or frustrate him by getting it wrong.

Life for Kaden (and other children like him) must, SUCK!  Imagine being just as smart as those around you but not being able to express yourself in the same way or just tell people how you are feeling.  Thankfully Kaden is generally a positive little boy who is happy with life!


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