A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia


Someone mentioned my blog today and I realised how long it had been since my last one.  I realised that I hadn’t thought about blogging because life had been relaxed and fun over the Christmas holiday’s.  For the first time since Kaden was born, actually since I started trying to conceive Kaden, I had relaxed.

Over this Christmas break Kaden has had no actual therapy.  And not surprisingly he has been developing fine, actually great.  His confidence, speech and independence has continued to increase and I think he has enjoyed the break as much as I have.

Most parents, (Mother’s), I know are always on the go, busy with kids, washing, cooking… life.  And when you have a child with special needs, life just gets even more complicated.  Therapy, therapy and more therapy… plus the joys of normal life.  I think as a parent of a special needs child you forget how to just be you.  You become so involved in living for them, worrying for them, fighting for them, being their voice, that you forget who you are.

This summer I have found me.  I am a Mother, a wife and a friend.  I will always give my children first priority and will always work hard on Kaden’s therapy and everything else around helping him develop.

But my New Years resolution is to start being me and to start finding the balance between life with a special needs child and my life as a person.

All parents, especially those with special needs, please be kind to yourself and don’t lose who you are.  Be You Always.