A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

Surgery it is…

Kaden finally had an assessment last month with an ENT specialist about his drooling.  The specialist (Chris Thompson) has recommended Kaden have a Submandibular duct relocation.  Basically that means they will move the tubes that bring the saliva to the front of the mouth, to the back.  He will produce the same amount of saliva but it will pool at the back of the mouth not the front.  With the hopes he will find it easier to swallow.

The specialist gave me great confidence that this is the best option for Kaden.  He even spoke to Kaden directly and ask him what he thought.  Kaden doesn’t want to drool anymore and although he can’t completely understand what it means to have surgery, I know he can get through this.  So I am going to take off my over protective Mum hat and support him through this!  The surgery is booked for 4th Dec, he will be in hospital overnight and will have up to a week off school.

I will keep you posted on this one, it is scary and exciting for us all!

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