A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

Feeling worried…

on December 15, 2012

Kaden can’t talk… this seems like a strange thing to start with, I know.  But for some reason it has just hit me, Kaden is nearly 7 years old and he can’t talk.  I went through the “mourning” stage a few years ago, the stage when you “mourn” for the child you thought you were going to have.  At least I thought I had.  When I think back, I actually think I was just going through the motions and organizing the help that he needed at the time.

I feel like I am now truly mourning for him.  It is now very obvious to outsiders looking in that there is something wrong with him.  I am now worried about his future more than I ever have been before.  What’s going to happen to him when he goes to high school?  What is he going to do as a job?  Will he ever get married and have children of his own?  Will he ever be able to say, “Hi, my name is Kaden”…

He has had his operation.  This went really well, he was even discharged the same day.  So far we haven’t seem amazing results but the doctor did say it will be a few weeks before we do so fingers crossed.  The worst part as a parent was when they put him to sleep.  I had to hold him and he panicked, I could see the fear in his eyes, it must have been so unbelievably scary for him.

Kaden has the best grin, he is very loving and caring.  He is a lot of fun and has so much to offer others.  Thankfully at this stage of his life most of the people around him are accepting and understanding but as he gets older, life is only going to get harder for him.  I am completely lost at the moment with what more I can do to help him.  I guess a good start would be to stop worrying about him and get on with life….



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