A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia


on January 21, 2013

Sad news…  Kaden has complications due to his first surgery!  To explain in basic terms, we have two small salivary glands in the front of our mouth.  After moving the “tubes” to drain at the back of Kaden’s mouth in the first surgery, these glands are suppose to “work out” how to drain themselves naturally.  In 5% of cases, one or both of the glands can’t work it out and get blocked, causing a ranula (cyst) under the tongue.  Kaden happens to be in that 5%…

So he now has a big lump (cyst) under his tongue and needs to have the gland removed in surgery on Thursday.  This surgery is more serious than the first, there is a risk that nerves can be damaged, which would mean Kaden will lose feeling in one side of his tongue.  Recovery is longer and he will be in more pain.

Kaden is feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about having to go back into hospital.  I think it is actually worse, being he knows what to expect.  He is feeling very angry and I am at a bit of a loss as to how I should reassure him.  Especially when I am feeling just as overwhelmed and anxious!

So out comes all the distraction tactics that I can think of!  Keeping him (and myself) busy is all I can do and hope that Thursday comes and goes fast and finally Kaden can get better…


One response to “Complications…

  1. Lucy Wilkinson says:

    Oh Tracey so sorry to hear about the complications after Kaden’s op. He has enough to cope with already! Our thoughts are with you. Hoping that the second op goes more smoothly. Lucy and Si X

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