A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

Long awaited update…

on August 17, 2014

It’s been so long! I had a comment posted on my last blog today asking how things were going for Kaden now…. And that’s when I realized it has been 15 months since my last blog! Time flies when you are having fun!

Where to start?  Well, managing behaviour was where I left off. At the time we were having problems with Kaden’s frustration levels. After lots of support and help we came to realize this was his clear backlash to having surgery (twice) and his anxiety levels around being unwell and having to potentially go back into hospital. It is amazing how a child’s approach to life changes drastically as soon as the adult in his world learns to completely understand his perception of the world.

My advice to all parents with special kids is to welcome the help offered by every service offered. Kaden has a massive team of great professionals that back my parenting style and support my approach to Kaden and guess what… it has worked! Lots of love, respect and guidance. Kaden is great, his communication is getting better all the time, his anxiety is being managed and he is happy. His behaviour management is now exactly like the other kids in our household and he is treated no different to his siblings. Amazing things happen when given the ability to express emotions and frustrations freely. He still has dyspraxia and will always have frustrations because of this but now that his parents and caregivers have the knowledge on how to support him through these frustrations, life is great for Kaden!


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