A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

A Mum’s headache…

on August 18, 2014

20140721_155937A Mum’s headache… schools!  School is such a difficult decision when you have a special child.  I made the choice to send Kaden to an Alternative School – http://www.tamariki.school.nz/ – which follows a special character around developing a child’s emotional strength and learning through play.  I am a huge advocate for schools that support a child’s development, not just their learning.  It is so important to give children the respect they deserve and I see all too often children in mainstream education children being treated like they are less worthy than the adult.  They are not heard and understood – they are just told to be and do, as all the others are.

Unfortunately for Kaden, he was becoming “lost” at school.  The self directed learning was not working for him, he needed more guidance and structure in his day.  I couldn’t bring myself to consider a mainstream school and found myself a bit lost.  As I said in my previous post we have such a massive team of professionals that have been amazing support and they gave me the information I needed to approach a private school that specialises in children with learning disabilities.  I felt concerned it would be out of reach for us so it was a confidence thing for me too – scared of that rejection and disappointment… Kaden was accepted! 

So over a month on and Kaden is getting the best education and therapies we can offer him.  He has specialised teachers, speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly and loves the small school with kids that have struggles just like him.  His education plan is personalised and already, even after such a short time, he has made massive progress!  Feeling super proud of him, without hesitation he changed schools and faced a bigger challenge than most adults would cope with.  He did it with pride and confidence and showed everyone just how awesome he is!


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