A Mum's Journey with Dyspraxia

Beautiful chaos….

What is “beautiful chaos”?

I see beautiful chaos as…

Smiling faces, laughter, music, dance, pretend fire engine sirens that turn into police cars, giggles, singing, toys, teddies, dolls, washing piles, dishes, endless half eaten carrots, cuddles, pretend horses galloping through the house that then turn into mermaids, bikes, trike’s, scooters and cars being driven by construction boys…

We are a blended family of 7, I have 2 kids and my partner has 3 kids…

Our family home is beautiful chaos, it is a party of 7, loving each other and enjoying living and learning together.  I learnt a while ago now that our little people will only be little for a short time and now is the time for us to enjoy just being with them.

Half way through the school holidays and I am about to start my week with our beautiful chaos and this is my reminder to all parents with a house full of beautiful chaos to “let it go” (yes we are big fans of Frozen too), and enjoy being a kid again.  Join the beautiful chaos and enjoy 🙂

In this house

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